Quality Assurance

At Meat One, we provide finest quality meat covering variety of Meat types which includes Beef, Mutton, Chicken, Fish, Batair, and Prawns. We ensure that excellent quality source is selected for providing the best meat to our customers. The quality meat is checked as per export standards and shariah compliance is strictly maintained under the supervision of our In-house muftis.

Selection of Animals

Our experts cherry-pick the animals and seafood from the best source to make sure the best is provided to our customer. Animals like Goat and Young Bulls are hand-picked by our team from the plains of Punjab and Sindh to make sure these animals are free range and are wholesome for your body. Seafood is sourced directly through the fishermen to make sure that we receive the freshest catch to provide to our customer from the best of what the sea has to offer.

Our Supply Chain

Meat One has a meticulously crafted supply chain, which guarantees that only healthy animals are slaughtered, handpicked by our experts from the plains of Punjab and Sindh. Passing through our supply chain certifies that only hygienic meat is provided to our customers, after extensive checks are performed by our veterinarians and our meat testing microbiological labs make sure that the meat is fit to be consumed by our customers. The team of in house mufti makes sure that Halal and shariah compliant processes are followed. Besides assuring healthy animals, Meat One also takes care to deliver the best export-quality meat to our customer’s table. Before the Halal slaughtering of the meat, Meat One ensures all animals are examined by veterinarians for physical inspection and thoroughly cleaned to remove contaminants from their bodies, and after that the meat is examined once again post slaughtering of the animal. This time sophisticated tests are performed both online and offline to ensure nothing skips through our quality assurance, this enables us to deliver only the healthiest meat to our stores. 

Stores. Our Slaughtering facility is HACCP and Halal certified by external bodies. For Punjab region Meat One uses PAMCO facility for slaughtering animals.

Our Transportation and Logistics

From our Factory meat is transported in sealed trucks equipped with chiller to maintain the meat’s temperature from 0’c to 4’c so that it sustains all the nutrients and stops degradation of meat. Sealed trucks keep the meat protected from contaminants and bacteria.